God's Glorious Nature

Written by: David Pennington

Stop and listen to God's Nature. 
A thing of beauty worth waiting for 
The wind as it sweeps through the high mountain peeks 
The Ocean as its waves crash upon beaches sandy white 
Birds as they wing their way through the air 
Lighting on a tree limb and singing their song 
That God has given the Aves with such care 
So its call to its mate with none other compares 
This is God’s Offering of His awesome love 
A special gift to treasure in our mortal soul 
Include me Oh Lord when You take the hands 
Of those that believe in Your Kingdom so Grand 
Yes take my hand Jesus walk me through your plan 
Help me accept the plan that I am 
And give me a heart with love that is sure 
Like You constructed with nature serine and so pure 

David Pennington