Written by: David Pennington

Who is this guy that sneaks around lightly
Then slinks behind his desk so quietly
He just sits at his desk and pretends to take calls. 
But I noticed he actually does nothing at all. 
His eyes focus in, on the girls in the office. 
He constantly visits the room where there is coffee. 
He smiles as a sweet beautiful lass passes by. 
Never looking her straight in the eyes. 
Instead his stare concentrates on her chest. 
When out of range he whispers, "WOW! What a nice set." 
Then back again to his desk he retreats. 
And returns to his terrible, obnoxious, lazy streak. 
But one of these days he will lose his great job. 
And so will become an unemployed slob. 


David Pennington 

Copyright ©2008 David Pennington