Caramel Coated Promise

Written by: Susan Mills

A caramel coated promise on a wisened old man's couch. Living in a sugar coated world 
falling into an oblivious mass of thinness and frailty. Not yet strong--Tough, no; shy, not 
either. Strength and endurance as rocky as the West coast wearing petticoats, ringing bells 
of flurious yesterdays into tomorrows hopes and dreams recalled. Billowy, flowery tulips ring 
true to the caramel coated promises. Never too rich or skinny. A waist an inch deep and 
widely thickened cream of poppy icecream screams smear me thin and shed the self as on 
onion into a glorious stick adorning a caramel coated apple. A promise to myself and not you-
- as my eyes are wide deep! Aspartame filled rats, cancer ridden corpses frozen into stark 
reality.  Stark nakedness tells no lies and makes bigger eyes!