left behind

Written by: vrushani thaker

what a sunrise!
what a day!
God in front
to take all good deed people
all in line for god to select
I alone was left behind
unhappy unsatisfied i asked
"why not me?
i help i donate
never i asked for your help
never i cheated to top
never i wanted partiality
never i wanted to be selected
never i was unsatisfied
never i asked anything from you 
never i was furious
never i had ill thoughts
never i wanted to harm others
i wanted happiness all around
always i loved beings
then why not me?
why why and why?"
god politely replied
"see flash back
you proved all things said wrong
you want heaven from me
you want me to be partial
you are furious
you want to be selected
you are unsatisfied.

this was a test for heaven
which all had given
proving wrong but trying hard
you are proved wrong for this time
so i keep you on earth for a noble cause
the one you did
spreading HAPPINESS
live life without want"

suddenly god disappeared
leaving me with a new view of life
so i will try try try

                                                  vrushani thaker