Written by: valerie bellefleur

 She sat on the beach and held his heart cupped in her hands
young, red, vibrant, and beating with a desire for her..
he bade the doves send it to her across the water
as from the ship's railing he learned over the sea
and her name fell from his lips and was carried 
...across the trembling waves, and she embraced the winds
that carried her name..

Far out to sea the dark hand appeared
and grasped the small ship
which tipped on the swells 
...and billowed the sails
while back on the shore
the sleeping heart of her lover
fluttered and raced
as the north wind took charge
while he clung to the mast
which was ripped from its hold
and flung out to sea
but she held his heart close
as it thumped near her chest
and she called out his name
to the uncaring sea 
who turned a deaf ear
to the maiden's laments
and the heart in her arms 
took its last breath as 
a crimson sun fell from the sky..