The way home

Written by: aida melesse

From where I am I now begin
So over my head, so over my self
How can the future be my home
When I’m not here now?
I need to make a detour and return to my home.
The reality I have now,
My heart pounding, am still breathing.
But if I just have now, will I go overboard?
Will I indulge and loose it all?
There has to be a place that makes them whole
All in one and one in all.
Where is that place that I call home?
Where is it?
Where is it?
Is it here?
Is it there?
Is it now?
Or was it then?
Will I get to it
And give my mind some rest?

Me Me Me
Don’t block the way 
I need to find my home today
I see it now from far away.

But the past has gone to rest
And the future has not come yet 
So what is left is all present
Where the heart finds what it needs 
Not looking beyond what it does
In its rhythm it says:
The present boundless
The past hopeless
The future does not exist
But all come together in one place
A place that makes them whole
This is it, the present
This is home.