Four Ghosts

Written by: Chris Smith

Four ghosts came meeting
Gave each other a greeting
Always met at this cemetry
They were all related, you see

Great grandfather fought World War One
Until that day he was shot and then gone
He died at the age of being thirty two
Never got to the change of things to do

Grandfather was who died in World War Two
Shot dead, out of the blue
He died aged only twenty one
He never got to hold his new baby son

The Grandson fell as the years past
Killed in Desert Storm, explosive blast
His poor child was raised by his Dad
The rain fell on a day so sad

Afghanistan is where the son was shot dead
A sniper put a bullet in his head
So there are four graves next to each other
They hope there will not be another

So these four ghosts meet and salute now
The only way that they could, somehow
If you listen, you hear them sing out loud
Four War Heroes that fell doing their country proud