The Last Time

Written by: Darius Knight

You really had me going making me think I was what you wanted,
I forgave your flaws but if I make a small mistake and all of a sudden your finger is pointed.
I trusted you and believed that you were down for me,
But once again you're playing ghost so your emotions is something I no longer see.

I want to thank you, no, really thank you for turning my heart black once again,
I feel so heartless because of the pain you inflicted which is larger than a scale of one
through ten.
You hurt me, you crushed me, you are no longer who i thought to become my girl,
You stressed me out so much i feel as if i want to hurl.

I was to the point where i thought i was beginning to love you,
But all along it was lies when you called me your boo.
I'm sick of holding back the anger i feel for you,
I'm sick of letting women like you run over me too.

No longer will i hurt cause i give up on love itself,
Cause now i cant even find the strength to believe in myself.
I feel like dirt so that must mean i am worthless,
But later in life you will see my name in lights and you're going to want this.

I'm done with broke my heart and you probably don't care,
I just got to remember that life is never fair...