A Heart's Imagination?

Written by: Darius Knight

Imagine your body temporarily reaching a raw form of bliss and ecstasy,
Consider that your mind could vegetate for five minutes concentrating only on what it
thinks is called "sufficiency."
Then your heart rate slows but an unusual warmth appears that gives you hope,
These feelings came alive during our first kiss but to admit at the time I had to cloak.

The way you made me feel mattered in ways no one can begin to comprehend,
For a while I considered that just maybe...maybe you were God sent.
The time we spent and the moments we created was worth more than gold fit for a King,
None of it matters anymore seeing that now it feels it was just a flirtatious fling.

Months past since I last seen or even heard the sound of your existence,
Getting over my emotions was harder than rehab but my will has always been persistent.
I was getting better...feeling great...that was until I saw you again with another man,
I swear time slowed down at that instant when we locked eyes as I thought to myself...dang.

All at once the forgotten emotions surged inside of me as my mind rushed with rage,
Anger whispered in my ear reminding me I never got answers to why I wasn't good enough in
this day and age.
I calmed myself...I couldn't let myself become an immature irrationality,
So I took one last look mentally wishing you the best so I could accept reality.

The truth as you said recently...you fell in love with someone else,
My world at that moment was crushed by your words that "he" was that someone else.
Imagine yourself on the blackest night in an alley and all the lights shut off,
Consider no one is coming with not even a candle-light to guide you home.

Then fear and loneliness compels your mind and your world becomes...nothing,
These feelings temporarily existed until I realized my existence to you was no longer
heart-fully touching.