In Questions, an Answer

Written by: sidewalker 1

How does the joker jest?
How will the fires crest?
How do our lives digress?
"HOW" is our hope bequest.

When grew this boy to man?
When toiled the hills to sand?
When did all my dreams disband?
"WHEN" twirls a timeless hand.

Where did those lovers flee?
Where stand the ancient trees?
Where hides the child in me?
"WHERE" walks our nature free.

Why must truth betray?
Why don't the songbirds stay?
Why descends night from day?
"WHY" seeks the hidden way.

Who sees the arrow fly?
Who tamed the questions why?
Who cheered the battle cry?
"WHO" knows the better I.

What tears you my friend?
What does death defend?
What makes the world intend?
"WHAT" doesn't wait its end.

*For Paula Swanson's contest, "How Do I Answer That Question?"
Inspired by the question, "Why is the truth, not what it seems?"