My new world

Written by: Gareth James

I slowly count back from ten to one,
with closed eyes I watch the setting sun.
Breathing deeply as my heart begins to slow.
No regrets from now, all is done with nothing to show.

That grand door opens and I walk through,
a room with a view, a place that I always knew.
Uncertainty overwhelms, but I'm comforted by familiar sights.
I glide through the inevitable at ever growing heights.

Light surrounds me and I see truth in myself,
I then realise who I am and my great internal wealth.
Money has no place as this is beauty divine.
I hold that thought of joy as I drink a glass of fine wine.

My thoughts are my own and they belong to me,
It will be my duty to show them for all to see.
We all hold the key to a part of life not yet known,
It will be your turn too, to have them shown.

Looking beyond my known beliefs that naturally defend 
I see a world so flawless, you would never comprehend.
Satin breeze, cotton clouds and angelic music all around
Limitless beauty from the trees, the sky and everything is profound.

I count from one to ten then I wake once more.