Foot steps

Written by: Manal Khan

Words betray me
Abandoning in the time
Of their need
Thoughts escape
Unfaithful thoughts, evaporate
I panic
Memories, sweet memories
Please come rushing back
I need to recall
I have to narrate
Emotional blackmail
Whatever it takes
I can beg
I can plead
Just don't walk away 
From us
From me
Give me a minute
A minute in exchange of years
For I have to search
Words, thoughts and memories
I grope
I grab
But they slip
Evading my lips
I am trying

Today cursed, I am
Tongue tied, I hear
His rationalizations
His justifications
And then foot steps
Foot steps-
The last sound of his
To echo
And it will
In moments of my unforgivable silence