Contrary Intrusions

Written by: John Weber

A social worker bashed in my door,
seizing my kids on rumors
of bath time photographs.
On my trek to court
to rescue my children,
they forced me through
a biometric scanner
recording every detail
of my naked flesh.

I was lambasted by a judge garbed
in flowing black vestments
for exploiting innocence.
He paraded my babies
into the courtroom,
all three donning
fresh, hot-pink rags
promoting the latest
Disney tween idol.

When asked why we hadn’t yet
enrolled our oldest child
at their public school,
my wife confessed
we educated our kids
with attention to truth.
The judge decreed they’d
need a head start with
foundation trust books.

We journeyed home despondent
with teary eyes bleeding to
find our garden scorched.
Our organic source
was no longer allowed
do to civil statute,
so we wandered off
to mega mart to buy
death off the shelf.