Old Originals

Written by: Ann Anderson

I've got a head full of memories
and a heart that some called gold,
I've laid beside the beautiful,
been sheltered when I'm cold,
I've danced beside the devil,
another story don't you know!!
but there ain't no remedy, no drug,
for the pain of growing old.
I still got my levis they date back
to sixty two, they hang there in the closet,
alone and feeling blue,
I just popped up to tell them how good
they made me feel
but they just turned back and told me
they're my scar that just won't heal.

So a word of wisdom, each day
just reach for the moon,
cause I gotta say it,
it's over much to soon,
enjoy all it's pleasures,
enjoy!! it please won't you,
and there's a pair of old originals,
you never know they might fit you.