Beautiful Profits

Written by: Gareth James

Slam entry for contest

Being british through and through, what the hell!
Even here in England I smell the crude slick smell.
British Petroleum, BP, yes I said it!
Feeling to blame for the fat cats messed up S##t!

I’m sure that the story here is only half told 
News dies off fast when all the papers are sold!
£13 billion pounds to “compensate” the damage
That’s ok then?! Let’s relax and have a cheese sandwich!

How sad, Mr BP losing his job, he’ll have to sell his Rolls Royce
Lets be honest, he’s not gonna line up for a job through choice!
13 million barrels leaked, no wonder a gallon is £6
At that price it amazes me how they afford to get a plane off the ground!

Lets go on holiday…not to America though, why though?
Embarrassed to be fair. I shouldn’t be that much I know. 
‘The dead sea’, full of oil, not the one that replenishes skin!
‘Sea of death’, full of hurt,…oh, hello Mr BP, your money is gonna wear thin!