i wish your love

Written by: Charles Leniger

I would give you everything you ask of me if only to find forgiveness enough to befriend. 
But it wont be enough i NEED your love theres nothing like it.
i want your friendship i want your love.
i need your God and you need him too. 
Anything, absolutely anything i will do it a thousand fold and thousand fold over that!
every flower on the earth every sparkling glimmer of sunlight scattered cross the oceans surface every scene of beauty of hope of love of life i would give it all to you! 
anything that your heart would desire i would do anything for you.

i wish your forgiveness. i don't expect it.
i wish your love. i fear its gone.
i wish your happiness. i feel i took it all.
i wish your want to be with me, but I've spit to far to get you back now.

I'm helpless. adrift so lonely, a victim of circumstance in an empty void of life. 
who can call for home? home is non existent. i am nonexistent, the love the good the hope for all, ill take it down with me because i just don't care.

the only reason i am not already dead is because of that
still small voice that simply said, "just wait". So why not? I have nothing else to live for. My 
curiosity killed me, maybe by some miracle it will give me life.

find my love in this letter and its yours forever. never betray me and I will stand by 
your side till we are gone.