Written by: Nicole Signorelli

The end was unfortunate
Unexpected and even more permanent
Yet it was bound
And coming for a time long
She needed change
She needed him not to argue

Nevertheless, he did argue
This made it all the more unfortunate
And even harder to in his ways change
She tried to explain it was permanent
However, his ears fell short to her words, not long
To his crying and whimpering, she seemed bound

She was bound
To escape the argue
The droning on and on so long
He was the unfortunate
She was ready for permanent

Moreover, it was time to change
This time had been bound
And she was sure this time around to make it permanent
No more to argue
No more of the unfortunate
It had taken too long

She would be gone, long
The winds of change
Were not unfortunate
They allowed her to be bound
Free and no one was to argue
It was permanent

A life of her own, a life that was permanent
A life that is long
With no one to argue
With new things to discover and a world of change
She was bound
To leave his horribleness, his unfortunate

So to argue about her permanent
The unfortunate and drawn long
Debated her change, yet she was bound