A Broth of Beauties

Written by: Sharon Tideswell

We were off to book our holiday, already we’d had words,
‘Don’t think you’re spending all the week admiring dolly-birds!’

My fella laughed out loud and said ‘Just stop your flamin' hopping,
there’s absolutely no harm in a bit of window shopping’

Sitting at the agents, we studied every last location,
we wanted something perfect for our annual vacation.

Somewhere nice and lively? Or a place of tranquil quiet?
‘The second one I think, I’ll never sleep if there’s a riot.’

We chose our destination after much deep thought and care
My fella teased ‘Can’t wait to see the bathing beauties there’

We got there and the sun was hot, time to hit the pool,
he was changed already, he began, in fact, to drool.

We weren’t  prepared, however, for the sight that met our eyes,
and I couldn’t help but chuckle as I heard my fella’s cries…

‘Who chose this place? It’s never right for thirty-something men!’
...the average age of bathers there was four score years and ten.

Well, I have to say my man was not exactly cock-a-hoop
He said ‘Who wants to take a dip in flamin' turtle soup!’

**for p.d's Turtle Soup contest