Confessions (The final chapter's end)

Written by: Brandon Basson

I don’t live according to these words
They may move me
But they don’t rule me
I’m proud of my accomplishments
And I think I know what you think
“He always loses out to negativity”
Okay, I’ll give you that one
But only this once will I admit defeat
Tomorrow I might sing another song
Or ask me and I’ll deny it completely
So far, unable to say I was wrong
Because I seldom am (at least in my mind)
Survival instincts and reflexes were quick
Far too quick but close to beliefs
Accompanied by agony, pain and grief
Too much grief, too little relief
Enough to make anyone sick
After all, these flaws make me human
When skepticism borders the line 
and judge mentality invades the mind
Expect dire consequence
Too much aimed toward others
Means social suicide
Bad mouthing yourself and life
Equals constant depression
Prevention is better than cure
It’s too late for me, I’m sure
Showing faults I know are there
For many caused unrest
At best, for battle I had to prepare
Cause nobody wanted to hear
Or contest the good in life 
Ever so often, I would reflect
And on occasion was quite impressed
Even though I’m not without fault
But I’m just one person
Who’ll confess everything just as he sees it
If I’m happy I want everyone to know
When I’m sad, exactly the same
I guess my life isn’t all made up, although
For many, my opinions are messed up
As from now, I’ll stop stepping on toes
My dress code will be…smiles and make-up
But I’ll only wear this ensemble
to prevent runny mascara from tainting the blues
In and around these eyes