A Beautiful Knight

Written by: Karen Dominick

You furrow your brow with a kiss on your lips
As you step off the earth into the dreamy abyss
I wonder do you find peace, is your day done
or if only now, has your battle just begun
Do you put on your armor and pick up your sword
Fighting to defend love, honor and all its reward
Seeking to slay dragons, fire and lair
Belaying all harm of reach to your little girl's hair
Are you charging a steed cross a mystic land
Trumpets blaring, fierce army at your command
Does a fair maiden await your loving graces
as you travel through mist of those faraway places
With dawn begins a fire aglow, I watch for your return
Twinkling of morning roses, its your touch I so do yearn
A beautiful knight has conquered and won
My heart, my love and a new day's rising sun