Only Fate Can Teach

Written by: Skyy Allen

Suffocating the eloquent existentialism 
Running without a moon
The morning comes way too soon
Leaving me without a home

Dear friend,
Would you stand by my side
If I asked you to?

Dear love,
My love, would you love me
If I pushed you away? 

Sometimes I can be so cold
I can be so numb
Rummaging through the abstract thinking
Men call eccentricity 

The electricity I emulate is something of a conundrum 
Beware the thundering boom of war drums
Sounding from beneath the hollowed ground
I know how I sound
A mad man, a drunk to some

Slicing heartfelt messages into pieces
Washing my eyes ‘till the burning ceases
Running my hands through the misty air
Hoping for a sense of worth, a spark, a flare

Following an angel of light
Through the hollowed night
Searching for a face, a hand to hold
To comfort me as I unfold

Running across the dew of dawn
Singing in the blue-lit throng
Of hearts on fire, afraid to surrender
Souls on fire, much too tender

Taking photographs of strangers in the streets
Funny how the people we seem to meet
Teach us things only fate can teach.