Forever Yours...

Written by: Jasmine Whipps

You are always on mind
Feeling like Usher "There Goes My Baby"
This love for you
Wasn't premeditated
But something that just happened
At first I wasn't even going to be your friend
But you were persistent
And longed to please me
Beside me was where you wanted to be
So I let you in
Trusting you to be my guard
And keep my heart safe
From all the hurt and danger
You make me smile 
More than you
You are that special someone
That I deserve
Hoping this last forever
And that from me 
You'll never part
This is just the beginning
Of our journey together
And I feel like we can face the bad weather
As long as you're my baby
And I'm yours
We can open many doors
And just to let you know
I'm forever yours...