What's in a Name

Written by: Ray Dillard

What’s in a Name

The ranch has many horses
And all have earned a name.
Through color, deed and disposition,

Their moniker will proclaim
Their value to the cowboys
That gave each horse his name.

Pete bears the name of a long lost friend
No longer here to ride.
And offers two ears worthy
For a cowboy to confide.

Legs is taller than the rest
And boy can that steed run.
Lean forward in the saddle
And you could have some fun. 

Cottonwood is dirty white
Like the fluffy seeds of the tree.
And a May colt, too!
He went to the mud with me!

Sunny is a bright sorrel gelding
Colored like the sun.
His choppy gait makes saddle sores.
Riding him is never fun!

Jim is black as midnight
Like a character of Mark Twain’s.
They sometimes call him something else
But the meaning is still the same.

S.A. is a red roan stud
With initials for a name.
To write it out would just be wrong.
You can guess his name.