The Amber Nichole

Written by: Timothy Brumley

I was the captain of the Amber Nichole
No prouder captain was there than me
She was the very essence of my soul
A finer ship never sailed any sea.

We braved the seas from shore to shore
In search of treasure and adventure
The world was our playground to explore
And no place was too far to venture.

Then came that terrible night at sea
With raging thunder that shook my soul
The storm of storms that ripped me
From the deck of the Amber Nichole!

I watched my proud ship from the swells
Through the storm go down by the keel
And I knew that I would never set sail
On her again, nor stand behind her wheel.

I've been stranded here ten years
In this desert so far from sea
Cast away, with only my tears
And my precious memories.

But I'm crying an ocean of tears
So I can set sail again one day
On a raft, I've built out of prayers
I'm just a few million tears away.

And when I find where she lies
Where she sank to Davey's Deep
Then there I'll lay me down to die
And pray the Lord my soul to keep...

On the deck of the Amber Nichole!
In the arms of my little girl
In the bosom of my soul
And, the center of my world.

Hush little darling don't you cry
Your daddy's gonna love ya child
Until the end of time....

                            Timothy I. Brumley
                   (To my daughter Amber.....I miss you.)