Written by: jai Garg

In carnal desire, let me weave the magic of love rattles
in twisted curves, and exposed lines, full of gorgeous battles
for the story line I follow rage on, always to baffle
antidotes, in images with performing joints to scuffle;

Blue eyes in tender tendrils, longing passion
cheekā€™s burning, red blushes with shame and, joyous rant
in avarice, and quivers to crush, each warmth
bound to my pleasure, in her unique softness.

Flayed hair lashed to my chest, deep hugging fingers   
enticed, exposes her crazy raptures
to my cuddles, in scandalized  ecstasy  
and I gain, her irrevocable surrender. 

Push her over the limits, to tremble and quake
As I tame reason, to live only for love.