Jeannie's Gifts

Written by: Amy Green

Oh Jeannie, extraordinary being of magic
No wish shall be an affair of the tragic
           - not from me -
One based upon my unselfish half, 
     now and in the hereafter
A single wish to ponder, is happiness, 
      and worldwide laughter
to take away every creatures' bad day and give 
a small piece of heaven as a daily gift.
The simple ability to give all a giggly lift.

Of course, on mine own behalf, would be
A marvelous ranch full of sublime horses
Paying others to do all the chores
My life spent on horseback, galloping shores
of the world, seeing with my eyes
the perfection of God's many seas and skies.

A third wish, not just for me and mine
would be for all to appreciate the earth
and all her species, we are here such a short time.
Leave the wild things wild, let them alone
creatures to live unmolested all over the globe.

A. Green