On Wings of Glory

Written by: Howard Bull

Long lines of vapour split blue skies asunder
Fly vengeful raptors, one thousand in number
Headlong they go, to brave death or glory
Stratosphere flight, part of war's brutal story

Last year a schoolboy but this year an ace
Did I see the twitch of fear on his face?
Fly like a God, so untouchably high
The monster of war, clawing youth from the sky

A thin shaky finger feels the button of death
A payload of sorrow leaves his care in a breath
A rain of destruction whistling down out of tune
As it plummets to earth snuffing life out too soon

Mortality strikes with a roar just as thunder
A maelstrom of steel slices metal from under
His world now in turmoil, at the end of a gun
Now a casualty, a victim, the fall of a son.