Seven simple questions

Written by: esther robinson

Every Christian is called to ask
While working with Master’s task
Seven simple questions always
Evaluating what one’s spiritual growth says.

If sin in heart had we cherished,
God our prayers would’nt have listened
Question, ‘Am I to willful sins a slave?’
Cry, “Lord may it not my soul, enslave.”

Does God delight in a ritual sacrifice?
No. To obey Him is better than sacrifice
Ask, ‘Am I obeying God everyday?”
Plead, “Keep me obedient throughout my stay.”

Creator craves for our friendship
He desired the first couple’s fellowship
Ponder, “Am I spending time at His feet?”
Request, “May meeting You be my heart beat.”

Researchers and readers never stagger
For His word is a double-sided dagger
Examine, “Am I reading His word?”
Entreat, “Father! Give me the Spirit’s sword.”

Christ is the world’s light, truth and way
Proclaim praises of His name this day
Consider, “Am I professing Christ everywhere?”
Petition, “Give me grace Your love to share.”

It is better to give than to receive
This profound truth let’s perceive
Think, “Am I contributing my mite?”
Say, “In giving, may I please Your sight.”

Doing deeds is better than hearing
As Christians we are aware of this saying
Reflect, “Am I mighty in word and deed?”
Beg, “Lord! May I be fruits bearing seed.”