Monsoon Carols

Written by: Swairik Das

Melded with raindrops -
the juiceless earth fruited lusciously
and the roaring lightning pops -
the vehement clouds sparked abundantly.

From time of summer -
for the juvenility they long expected
over the awash field they bopped over -
alike the sweetness of wintry roses, the zestful aroma contrasted.

Here and there the lively music got wind of bongs -
when the rain waved by the wind so heavily
the splashy whispery voice sung like yuletide carols -
with roasted chicken along with champagne, savored blithely.

All of a sudden the sun peeped out in between,
reckoned alike to chance once upon the Kris-Kringle's camion
Over the sky it arced with orange violet yellow blue red indigo green,
glowed as if presents wrapped along with gleeful horizon.

The sky that outraged fell out the factual consequences,
Around the globe masses fantasied the season to be resurgence
Palsy-walsy rain was alike the snow flurry occurrences,
Jejune July was abided by the Holy Christ's renascence.