She's Leaving

Written by: Janette Fisher

The clock on the mantle, quietly chimed ten
As she placed the note by its face
Then checking herself in the mirror
She walked to the door, to pick up her case,
The note told him, that she was leaving
That her love for him had died
And without that love, she’d be living a lie
No matter how hard she tried
She hadn’t wanted to leave him this way
She wanted to tell him, face to face
But knew if she did, he’d persuade her to stay
Then she’d never get out of this place.
You see, she’d tried to leave him twice before
But he’d always talked her around
And made her a prisoner, in her own home
Whilst driving her spirit into the ground
She’d lived this way for seven years,
But now the worm had turned
She was leaving her life of servitude,
To find the true love that she yearned.
As she put on her coat and walked through the door
She harboured no feelings of sorrow
For she knew she was crossing the threshold
To a life with a brighter tomorrow.