note to my children

Written by: Insane Rose insane

the day i had you I wont lie I smelt you
my troubles they all faded
the impact you left on me was stupenus
my arms were your rocking cradle
I knew at that moment my love could be fatal
the stare of your innocent eyes
will forever live in my mind
to love you with my eyes blind
never want to treat you unkind
know your grown, my rocking cradle has become unknown
only in my heart it thrives
my arms have become your home
they can only hold you and cradle you no more
makes me wonder when I became so bold
never imagined you'd get so cold
and all that innocence is no longer of gold
to hurt this way, how could I guess you'd run astray
with my eyes blind never thought you'd be unkind
these's tears they burn from deep inside
to hide them and live in my world upside down
to see your smile not the frown,
the real you, you melt it down
now you think you wear the crown.
with your lips you kiss me 
with tounge you miss me
I learned true love when I had you
and you've found the hate, because you grew
who knew, let it go baby, because my love grew.