Thunder and Lightning

Written by: trina aiken

I cover my ears 
As I sit in my closet.
As the thunder echoes through 
The quiet empty house 
And the lightning flashes in the 
I cry as the pain full 
Memories rush back.
As my heart starts 
To hurt so much I 
Can barley take it.
I hear the screams in my head and I touch
My scars and start to 
Remember the pain.
The tears roll down my 
Face as I jump at each 
Sound of the storm.
As they remind me 
Of the past and all of the pain.
I cry because of the pain 
I felt 
And the love I did not have.
In the storm
A 14 year old girl cries
In the thunder and lightning 
She hears screams.
Her heart beats at the sound of 
The rain 
As she remembers her 
Past and pain.