Rasta Master(For Bob Marley)

Written by: Adeola Yusuf Amuni

Rasta Master(For Bob Marley)

Like the lion of Judah ,

Lying on the coast of hope,

With the turban of gold crown,

From the mountain of glory,

His mantle of office adorn.


Clad in a regalia of reggae,

To do the regatta acloud again,

The buffalo soldier hosts the banquet.


All around the world,

Through the Poles,through the Equator,

Jah made whole,man no dismantle.


The flame burning with glory,

The lake of the bulb on Bob.

A robust heap of dreads on Robert,

It's a summer holiday in Marley.


I'm bereaved at the Sheriff's.

Redress,regret,emotion-the notion.


"Will be together; is this love that I'm feeling?"

To feel filled;is this real?

No mummies,no makings.

Wanna hold on to love-I n I,

Right place of fold;to stick aright.


Adeola Yusuf Amuni