Written by: Adeola Yusuf Amuni

                         Arise! Africa

Arise Africa and let the mills wheel along.

Arise Africa and feel the wills meal prolong.

Enclosed in the winds, the milks of nature endowed,

Enmeshed in the oceans, topography of landscapes around.

The talking drum with the voice,

The vuvuzela with the horns.

Awaiting the flickers of light,

From squibs of Heavenly light glow.

And when you see the day again,

You will regain the resilience of victory.

Upon the turbulence of invasion, you stood,

Upon the bits and bits of snips, you geumed.

Glamour ridden in garments of Sapiens,

Grandeurs stricken in firmaments of lampreys.

Thriving on the machinations of man,

When the mantle of zest acclaim the fore.

Amidst the prismatic of colours,

Mincing the lilt of mimosa days.

From the wakes of gloryville return,

The mouth of Africa will blow the horn of victory.


Adeola Yusuf Amuni