Energy well wasted

Written by: David Welch

I am not the girl for you,
I will destroy you, she promises. 
Man undettered waits for perfection
To get her head straight, but too late
She still doesn’t find you appealing 

So stop squealling about her disgust
For you and play a russian 
Roulette of dating big city dames. again
You will find that special someone who

Suprises you like Molotov coctails spew
Flames over broken heart. Shame
She can’t turn and yearn for you,
tomorrow, maybe baby, but today
Stay away.

This happens so save it don’t pray
It will be a happy ending
Spending days under rays
of glazed eyes her feelings ice
your thirst becomes worst but

Fine wine and her cuisine yet tasted
Sweetly your energy well wasted