Vox Populi Vox Dei

Written by: Taylor Graham

	[It is the spontaneous utterance of the universal conscience.
		- Elihu Burritt, “The Empire of Public Opinion”]

Remember that day, Elihu,
when you stood at your forge as the earth
shook underfoot. A steam-locomotive,
come to change the world.

Foot-traveler by choice, you walked out 
to see what was left after the passing 
of the Iron Dragon, and found a printing press 
already spreading the news. 

In not so many years, the Trans-Atlantic-Telegraph 
would spread it even faster. You imagined
John of Patmos transported to your time, declaring
there was no more sea to separate 

the continents, there was time no longer 
between the event and the whole globe’s knowing it.
How quickly things can change,
yet some things seem to ever stay the same. 

What word would you spread, Elihu? 
You say Slavery at last is dead. But War – 
destroyer of the soul – remains. Let the people 
speak. Let it be God’s word. Peace.