Love You

Written by: Insane Rose insane

You said don't look at me that way,
never knowing I loved you night and day,
no matter how you laid me out, or said i hate you
you abortion from hell,
The love I felt for you was more then any one could ever tell
and from the welts of my daddy's belt
was all the love you could have dealt
picking up the ash tray throwng it at
me like I'm the enemy, making my life ebony
filled with dark deception
I don't think those were your intentions,
my love for you deeper then the core of the earth,
why do you hate me? you gave me birth
all I wanted was your warm embrace
all you gave me was a bruise on my face
choking the life out of me, why do you hit me this way
I need the tears to not wet the innocence off my face
then your coffee cup stained my lace
mom please I love you don't make me leave I want to stay
I get on my knees and pray
but the demons inside her scared my saints away
those demons drag me away, the fear you gave
made me no longer a child at mind, this is what you made for being unkind
I no longer can cry, and let me tell you I try
don't need to dry my eyes, you put neither God or the devil
at my side, I made my own kingdom I pray when I hide
I want these demons to let go of my thighs, don't you realize all these 
beatings makes them know you don't care, so they come and visit me at night
this hatred grows when they try to put it inside, I've become numb
and you could care less, I can see it in your eyes you want me dead
All I want is your love, but that image only lives in my head
love you mom wish you were'nt dead.