Dark Shadows

Written by: Dorian Petersen Potter

The night approaches me again and you're not here still with me 
And here under my breath I call your name and I'm watching your loving face 
And there among the dark shadows of the night you come back to me always the same 
I hear your haunting tune and just know that this time you'll be waitin' for me. 

Release me from all this pain I'm sufferin' Come to me, and just take my hand 
Hold me in your arms ever so tight and please never ever again let me go 
Together we'll dream of that other time and fly away to that other magical time band 
There is no other place like that upon heaven or earth where our love can only but glow. 

Join me here tonight,hear my voice into the night and just be mine for all time 
Come to me right now and give me all your love before the night is taken away 
Let me kiss your lips,caress you and love you all night til we both see a brand-new day 
Disperse all the dark shadows in which I exist,come to me and you'll be mine for all eternity. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

July 18, 2010 

Author Notes: 

This poem amongt many others that I'd written in my life,had been inspired by 
my very favorite and most beloved vampire character of all time, 
"Barnabas Collins" from the most popular daytime soap opera series ever 
produced on T.V. in my opinion, "Dark Shadows." This whole DVD collection is most 
And Jonathan Frid is so awesome!