The Shaking Menagerie

Written by: Amy Green

Lights out, lights out!
In the run about, the critters flee to me
Storm, blazing lightning, air too warm
My friends with fur feel a curse
On the wind- a sense of berzerk
Huddling together, kitty close for good measure
Ozone green, birds stop the preen
Feels like a train is gliding by, so close nigh
Rumble the ground before the sound
The animals knew- I had no clue
We shudder in this shack, back to back
A growl here, a hiss there, outside something howls
A banshee on the wind, makes me want to flee
Yet the twister keeps us here, shaking menagerie
Slamming rain above our heads- Oh the dread!
Here we must stay- as buildings rock and sway
Perhaps for the rest of the day- hearts heavily weigh.

A. Green