Scent of torso and song of bees

Written by: Christie Moses

swells of honeysuckle waft
coy and semisweet
on a lazy southern breeze
reminding me somehow of home
though i’m not sure where that is
(my journey stumbles my toes)
as the tulips spring from parched sleep

solemn coils slink like whispers
in the tangle of forest musings
sorrow fuels
the way i remember
but cannot forget

its empty
when the cherry blossoms simmer
like stale sky
and blank verses
ink dries permanent
careless words can pinch
harsh like bitter wine
sting like scorpion tails
and black widow shadow
nostalgia twines like moonshine
wrecked upon my spine
as the wind blows my vertebrae
cracking my thorax empty

beauty spills
as tears trickle
down my tow chains
dark pulaski rains

still honeysuckle
coy and semisweet
swirls the air in this space
reminding me
there is no place like home
though i never really had one…