A Tangle Of Lies and Deceit

Written by: Destiny Orschell

When you said you loved her the truth could be read in your eyes,
but for a while she couldn’t accept it. She couldn’t accept pretending only to hurt you.
She tried hard to love you, but then she found out some of your truths where lies.
How could you have done this to the girl who wanted to love you? Man, what did you do?
You promised her you’d protect her, that’d you never do things like the last guy did.
She believed what you said. Who would have guessed the words untrue?
You lied and you practically cheated. Not even brave enough to face her behind parents you 
In my mind, you got the easy way out she let you go when she should have smacked you 
with a shoe,
But when she was lying to make you happy, you were lying about hitting on her best friend.
It still came as a surprise to us all, but I guess for a while you were fine because no one 
But don’t you worry at all, hurting someone like her will only hurt you worse in the end.

*To the Sister who’s been through so much with idiot guys.