Ruffled brown curls spread even
Like a blanket on your head
A melange of strength and beauty
Smiling body covered by smooching garments
Legs like hanger seeking repose
Questioning burgeoning eyes I see
What's your name I thought you would ask?
Only stares ,steal,stealing me away
Long strong dynamo revving like thunder howling
Hunger quelling passion heat up like a turbine
Working routinely through the hours to bring us close
In safe abode of shelves covered with eyes
Housing buried heads in blank sheets
All you can think of is me
Beneath the facade of what I see dreaming...
The hollies
To bow in reverence
In awe of what is to come
Longing,lost in beautiful languor
I dream to pacify and pacify myself to stop dreaming
Soon the halos would be said in stutters,howling breathe.