Death's Reject

Written by: Olajide Adelana

Across the depth of risen fidelity
Lift the ominous evidence of pain
-Through the feint of our soulless warriors
The strength of a weak tiger 
An endless faith that surge  passion
Surely we shall be relived within reality

 Below the bellows of our sunken hearts
 we pulse for comfort in the clueless clouds

Your heart of stone
Valiant as the soul of an eagle
hacking the sage of the sky
I hear that
You lynch the brightest of stars
The majestic of competent empires

Through the thorns and blushing rage
We seek divine atonement to avert this loss

In the uproar of our obscene obsession
We shall dazzle you with a pudding
Or seduce you with our bulging breast
Or indulge you with our overflowing wine
Or rather face your sword until equilibrium is reached
so we can sail above the density of eternal life
 so I ask, Could there be a more demonic strategy
to chastise the fright of this eternal figure?

Your enclosed lid 
an immense propensity to whisk away
So I must plead. Death…
 the grim reaper
let my people go