Captains Log Book - July 16, 1798

Written by: Elaine George

Twere a   blisterin day, on da Fundy Bay, aboard da ‘ Black Angel of da Blue”, 
with a crew of 32, whilst resting a spell, wid a thunderin clap of grog ,
when da Jack o’ Cups , his Jib a hangin, spotted a Jolly Roger aft.

Aye!  ye coulda sinked me! When dem thar scallywags  gave chase.
 So we  pumped da bilge, droppin a load of crap in thar path, weighed anchor, 
turned three sheets to da wind and tried to outrun dem thar sprougs,
 but me mateys' deadlights twere blinded by da grog - 
as useless as dem thar lanlubbers, and soon dem thar scallywags
overhauled da ‘ Black Angel’.

So! wid a heave to, we blasted dem thar swabs wid da balls off da Brass Monkey – 
six pounders dey be, but nary-a-one hit da mark and nary a one came back.
Dem thar scuffeys' didn’t aim ta sink us, fur da botty be all dey be wantin.

Arrr! Fur sur now we be black spotted,
 but I not be ready fur Davey Jones locker yet.
One more clap of thunder be what I be needin ta clear me groggy mind
 and figger a way outta dis hornwaggle.

So I spliced da mainbrace and it come ta me in a flash,
da only cargo we be a carryin be Rummmmmmmmmmmm. 
so we set dem thar kegs adrift and it wernt long afore dem thar 
sprougs was a drinkin grog and a fine time be had by all.


Inspred by:  Paula Swanson's cotest
Awareded:  Second Place

Author's Note:

In order to understand this narrative, you need to understand Pirate's language.  You can 
find it on the web - just type Pirate language in your search engine.