Written by: Rauwolfia van Raaij

I have sat in this tower 
So endlessly long, 
Hoping the prince
Would have finally gone.

But he stands on the ground
A mile far down there,
And is shouting Rapunzel
O let down your hair.

My mother and father 
Soon join in the call,
O come now dear daughter
There’s no ladder at all.

But I really believe 
That I'd rather be dead,
Than climb down this morning 
And tomorrow be wed

I can see him a speck
There far down below,
He’s as tall and as dainty
As the maidens I know,

So I’ll sit here forever
Until he has gone
But climb down I’ll never 
Though the wait will be long. 

Soon it was dark 
And they all went to bed, 
And I thought its my chance 
To escape being wed.

So I threw down the ladder 
And climbed down real fast, 
But though it was hard 
I was down in a blast.

Some might have thought, 
Why not use my long hair 
But the pain that it brought 
Would be dreadful to bear.

Down on the ground 
Was no guard that could stop 
For they were building a ladder 
To climb to the top.

So I silently sneaked
Through the garden and gate, 
And went to the pet shop 
Which was open quite late.

And I bought there a pet 
Which had hatched in the night,
So I took it back home
And waited for light.

Now as everyone knows
In every fairytale since,
When a frog is kissed 
It turns to a prince.

So tell me what would happen 
If my reasoning is right 
And I kissed a small dragon
Which hatched in the night.

Would it turn to a monster 
With claw and with wing?
Would it be very hungry 
And eat anything?

Would it turn to a creature 
With great apatite 
To eat every prince
The it got into sight.

O I thought and I wondered
What would be the change
There’s so many monsters
So endless the range.

But whatever the thing
That it turned out to be
It would sure solve my problem
And eat “somebody”.

But in the morning
When dawn and the light,
I kissed the small dragon
But I wasn’t quite right.

No monster appeared
With claw and with wing,
Though he had quite sharp teeth
It turned to a king.

I was quite amazed 
So I asked him his name
And he grinned real polite
And he said it was flame.

So I had now a choice
Between 3 I could make,
The tower, the king
Or the prince (not awake).

So after I thought 
For an hour or two
I said to the king
I think I’ll choose you.

And he grinned with sharp teeth
And a small spark leapt out,
For he was once a dragon 
But no one found out.