I Have PS Pal- Some Kinda Gal!

Written by: Amy Green

I have a Poetry Soup pal
She is some kinda gal!

Always replying with a hopeful post
This Sweetheart is one I talk to most

She is a mother, a traveler, a tiger and poetess
My friend claims no fame in her finesse

She writes of love, beaches and tropics
Incredible poet under any topic

She sent a personal gift
just for a spiritual lift

Is always the first to greet
A newcomer for us all to meet

She posts many a wise and kind word
An enchanting voice we have all heard

She adores ideas and company of nature
Ask for an aspirin, she will bless with a cure

Yes, this woman in my life is a blessing
Though we have never met, her words caressing

Sweetheart- true to your namesake
Know you have a true friend whenever you awake.

We all know who the Sweetheart is!

14th place in  Adeleke Adeite's contest.
A. Green