Vampire Visit

Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

I went to bed one breezy night
Pulled up the covers oh so tight
Dreams came upon me quite so quick
Beyond the curtain of foggy mist
There stood a vision of perfect stature
Eyes penetrating into deep inner nature
While laying there sound asleep
Upon my bed He did creep
Scents of lavender filled the room
As my heart pounded and was consumed
With visions so lovely beyond compare
As we were lifted together up in the air
A tight grasp upon me this creature of prey
As I gave no resistance and all colors went gray
At rhythm as one we pulsated soully entwined
Feelings inside that felt so utterly sublime
All at once and out the window he went
Leaving me lay there exhausted and spent
My eyes they closed in famished sleep
Beyond great borders wide and deep
Morning's sun arose through the open shades
And to start another day my way I made
To see a vision upon my neck lo and behold
The stranger in my dreams left two little holes

Vampires is the topic I chose to inspire this poem.