Eternity Calls To Me

Written by: Marycile Beer

I just saw an eagle 
Soar across the plain
And a dozen sea gulls
My daughters roof do claim

The wind is blowing fiercely
But the cloud above Casper Peak
Moves ever so slowly
Like a cat as it does creep

The jagged rocks piled high
Atop the pasture ridge
Speak to me of eons
Since the glacier age

The wind, the rain, the dust, the dirt
Have left scars upon their faces
But to me it matters not
For I am looking for their traces

I dig among the crumbled pile
And on my face I wear a smile
For there I find a rock so old
I can almost feel the cold

A petrified piece of wood
Tells of where a forest stood
But as I look all around
No more pieces can be found

From where did this piece come
If I dig deep will I find bone
I gaze north, south, west and east
As I stand atop this awesome ridge

The dinosaur, the mastodon
Where pterodactyls fly at dawn
Or was it later in the game
When man did live in a cave

If I could only find the place
Where the stone tools they did make
Or maybe even find a wheel
My curiosity to heal

But then that would not be true
I'd have to try and find just who
And up above God just smiles
"Be patient you'll know in a little while"

Cile Beer
July 13, 2010