The Lighthouse

Written by: Rauwolfia van Raaij

I have watched from the tower
That rises in the night,
To the throne of the mountains 
To stand at their height.

I have gazed at the waters
Of emerald seas,
To the depth of all beauty
The breath of the breeze.

In the dusk I have risen
The staircase to climb,
To the light of my tower
that always must shine.

In the storms of the winter
That howl to the moon,
I have listened and wondered
While hearing each tune.

Through the vines of my window
The ivy and rose,
With their berries and blossoms
Protect and enclose.

Here I look for the sailors 
When lost in the night,
When their ships are in danger
I shine out my light.

On the edge of the ocean
Where waves meet the sand,
There the rocks are the border
Between sea and land.

The sharp fangs of the ocean
The swords of the shores,
That devour the wretched
That died in their jaws.

So I climb still the staircase
To stand there tonight,
For I've seen those who washed up
Who died without light.