Written by: rinki nandy

Curve on the lips pointing towards the left, 
purpose in concealing smile by theft,
fear concluding the tilt dutifully kept,
sheen so sacred for the humanly unkempt,
lie defeating truth and questions attempt,
to bury secrets and the joy when you wept,
need to monopolize the time which left,
madness and intensity thoughts forget,
dependency nurtured and eyes never slept,
fate divine and destiny inept,
an act occupied for the search to wait,
lie pities truth and puts on bait,
mysteries and lies famished minds ate,
faith and ego loneliness bates,
preference of truth gifted mind hates,
appetite for imagination creates,
remoteness from object who deject,
unrequited expression to the faces reject,
fables of a drunkard enthused by intellect,
memories alive must you forget,
innocent cries must they neglect,
euphoria weaved in mystery,
occurrence of mastery subliminally,
a beam frowning continually, 
answers buried faithfully,
bluffs me entirely,
uncanny riley of a smiley.